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save the groom


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Derby Speakers Corner
Market Place, Derby DE1 3QE,
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The Groom has been kidnapped...

Detective Dick Daley needs you to join his Detective Team to solve the crime and save the groom.

Live Scoreboard
Live scoreboard & messaging
Game Controller
You will be assigned a game controller who will remotely manage your event.
Prices 14 per person
€14 per person
No minimum group sizes
Photo and video challenges
Great Puzzles, photo and video challenges
Interactive and cutting edge
An interactive, cutting-edge game
European Cities
Available in any European city
Flexible Time
Flexible start time
Brides Free
Bride goes free!

How it works


  • Start Time: You can start and finish anytime, there is live support from 11am to 5pm. Tickets are valid for 90 days.
  • Duration: Usually 90 minutes if played non-stop but you can take drinks breaks and continue afterwards
  • Meet: The game zone is in the city centre and we will send you the exact meet and finish points by email.
  • Cost: €/£14 pp.


  • CSI Save the Groom is played on smartphones, you can have up to four people on a team
  • We will send you a pre-game briefing via email before the event with instructions to download the app and team logins.
  • The game is played on our purpose-built app.
  • Score as many points as possible to win by completing all the challenges to “Save the Groom”


  • An Android or iOS Smartphone, not more than three years old.
  • When you purchase the ticket’s you get a team login for every four people
  • Tickets are valid for 90 days
  • Dressing up is optional but good fun – themes are general cops and robbers
  • Bring your A-game, you'll need it solve the crime and save the groom

what people are saying

12 Aug 2019

"We had so much fun running around the city trying to save the groom. The bride really enjoyed the whole game from start to finish. Would highly recommend."

Michelle Hegarty
12 Aug 2019

"One of my favourite activities I’ve done at a hen party. Laughed from start to finish and it was such a good price."

Sophie Garner
20 Oct 2019

"Everybody loved the activity. The whole booking process was completely stress free. Could not recommend the game enough."

Suzanne Roache
17 Oct 2019

"Loads of laughs and the bride to be loved it. We had great fun solving the the puzzles around the city and messaging the other teams! (I hope nobody read them!). Thank you so much."

Sharon Offenhauer
24 Sept 2019

"It was fantastic. This was my 5th time as a bridesmaid and no hen party activity was as good as that!"

Rachael Higganbotham

the story

the groom has been kidnapped

So Lez Lizard want to turn his club the Lusty Leppard into a wedding venue. Its really a sleezy dump and Lez is trying to go legit.

Lez has tried to force the groom into booking the venue for the wedding and when the groom refused he has kidnapped him is looking for a cancellation fee of 60k.

Lez has an accomplice. You need to find the accomplice. You need to find and interrogate the suspects who are dotted around the city, and solve the crime. Work together to decipher the riddles and crack the codes in order to Save the Groom.


the suspects


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